What Clients are saying about Juice

Schools (TX)


"Dear Thom: Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your good work through the years as our energy avisor and broker. Your timely insights and excellent knowledge of the energy field and its many fluctations has helped us save significant moneys over time here at Strake Jesuit and has helped us form strong and efficient energy purchasing policies for the future. Your attention to detail and professionalism have been great assets to us in the past and I'm sure we will be looking for your help in guiding us on energy purchases as we move fwd." - David Muras, Operations Manager/Facilities

Schools (NY)


“At Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School we are always looking to place all savings back into the services we provide our students and their families. Working with Thomas and Juice they were able to recognize and deliver savings to us. I have dealt with many companies and contracts and have found Juice to be honest, fair and responsible. I would recommend them to anyone that appreciates a savings as well as trustworthy service.” - John, Director of Finance and Operations, Cristoy Rey Brooklyn High School

Manufacturing (NY)


Juice Energy was referred to us in 2015 and since then has guided us through several Natural gas and Electricity contract negotiations in a volatile market. Thom (our advisor) presented to me at our factory in Middletown and immediately brought value.  He educated me on the markets and the options available to Wanjashan. He asked thoughtful and practical questions that helped us decide on the product and length of the contract.  

Juice's advice has led to a 12% reduction in our electicity supply costs.  -Owner



Thom and Juice Energy advisors are hard working professionals that are honest and have the client's best interest in mind. Tom did an incredible job on helping me understand my LED lighting project when it wasn't yielding the results that I was expecting. He noticed a big error on my bill and fought relentlessly to help me receive a 50% reimbursement on my LED project, literally saving me thousands! On top of this, Thom was able to audit my bill and helped me obtain another 13-15% savings on my con ed bill compared to what I was previously paying. Tom has been a tremendous help for me and my business!”

-Many Alayon, Owner, NorthEast Crossfit

Property Managers (NY)


"I want to thank you for all the effort and expertise that you have provided since 2011 in making our energy aggregation program such an outstanding success. Your leadership in creating a best in class energy buying program for Cooper Square was essential to our success. What was most impressive to us was that you proved our idea and in aggregate, through product selection and a very competitive RFP process saved Cooper Square managed propeties over $2,500,000 this past year alone." -R. Merhige VP FS Energy/Division of Cooper Square

Country Clubs (NY)


"To whom it may concern,  As President of Old Oaks Country Club, in 2012, I asked Thom Devlin and Juice Energy to look at our electricity usage and contracts. He analyzed what we were paying and recommended we enter into a mult-year agreement with an ESCO that saved us significant dollars.   More importantly, since 2012, Juice has remained in touch with our management and followed up with further recommendations as market conditions have changed.  This proactive approach helped enhance the savings we achieved. Please consider Juice Energy."   

-Ben Kirschenbaum, Fomer President of Old Oaks Country Club